Taking Dental Practice Customer Service to the Next Level

Posted by on Monday, December 15th, 2014

What is better than a satisfied patient? According to Dr. Ken Blanchard, it’s raving fans that dentists should be working to develop. And in a recent video from Cathy Jameson of Jameson Management, and posted on Dental Products Report, raving fans have these 6 specific characteristics:

1. They choose you as their dentist
2. They accept your treatment recommendations
3. They come in regularly for appointments
4. They pay for treatment without issue
5. They stay actively involved with your hygiene department
6. They refer new patients you to

So, how do you elevate a satisfied patient into a raving fan? It takes a commitment on the entire team and a focus on the overall patient experience, from their initial phone call, to the first appointment and then ongoing throughout the dentist-patient relationship.

This holiday season, take your dental practice customer service to the next level, and your efforts will be rewarded through long-term patients and continued dental practice success in 2015.

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