A Dentist’s Solution to Surviving Today’s Economy

Posted by on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

There’s no denying that the recent recession hit the dental industry hard. It seems as though when patients are faced with tough financial times, their dental appointments are easy to forego. Even as the economy slowly starts to improve, many dentists are left wondering how to improve their patient flow and fill their schedules.

Sheri B Doniger, DDS wrote a recent blog for Dental Product Shopper titled The ‘New’ Cosmetic Dentistry explaining how general practitioners are expanding their services in order to reach more patients and get them back into the practice.

In the blog Dr. Doniger explains how offering whitening services may not be the full restorative work that the client needs, but at least it opens the lines of communication again between the dentist and the patient. Once they have the patient’s attention again, then they can begin the process of treatment planning for the future.

Do you find that the economy is still affecting your practice? What have you done to try to get patients back in the chair?

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