Dental Practice Technology: A Helpful New Guide

Posted by on Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Technology in the dental practice is transforming the way dentists approach patient care, streamlining office processes and making patient communication easier than ever. When it comes to dental practice technology, it can seem as if there are so many new trends and tools, it is hard to determine which products are worth the investment for your practice.

The experts at Inside Dentistry recently came out with the 2014 Tech Issue, an annual guide to the most popular technological products on the market today. From the latest in digital imaging to intraoral scanning to advice on the challenges of going paperless, the 2014 Tech Issue has dentists covered.

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Need a Reason to Give? ‘Dentistry That Cares’ Will Give You Hundreds of Them

Posted by on Thursday, April 24th, 2014

When it comes to capitalism, America is still one of the great leaders in inspiring new enterprises. Sadly, many of these entities incur more negative attention than positive. Seeing cases of fraud or massive layoffs that replace the average citizen with dead presidents has all but made the concept of capitalism a dirty word. Fortunately, we can still find those organizations that inspire us not only to embrace our potential as human beings, but to embrace our communities and achieve our highest potential.

Need For Dental Care

It is not difficult to see the need for more dental care or how important it is to the people who need it the most.
Image Source: Alliance for People’s Health

As dental professionals, we tend to be caring individuals. We chose a career where we are literally in service to people and taking an active role in their overall health. We have all thought at some point about those patients we know simply can’t afford dental care and wished there was something we could do for them. Well, thanks to Dentistry That Cares, there is something we can do that not only touches the lives of those patients who can’t afford treatment, but will touch the hearts of everyone in our community.

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“Root Canals Don’t Work:” Getting Skeptical Patients to Say Yes to This Procedure

Posted by on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

For many patients, the word root canal conjures up images equivalent to a 1970s style horror film. With the innovations in digital technology, often simply showing our patients that large abscess looming in their mouths provides them enough evidence to approve treatment. But what do we do with those patients that simply don’t believe root canals work?

Often the technique involves providing them literature, charts, graphs, success rates, etc. until both the patient and the staff are exhausted and the dentist is asked to just pull the tooth. The problem with this technique is while it seems rational to dental professionals, it does not address the actual concern of the patient that is hindering their acceptance of treatment. Let’s examine a few of the negative attitudes toward root canals and find ways to replace them with positive ones.

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Titanium based Implant with Natural Dentition
Photo Source: Tooth Implant.

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Monolithic Zirconium Crowns: Are They Worth the Investment?

Posted by on Monday, January 20th, 2014

Let’s face it: while most dental practices have made the transition to all porcelain restorations for anterior teeth, the majority of providers are still committed to our old friend the PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) for those large posterior jobs. When I’ve asked other dentists why they refuse to even offer these groundbreaking restorations, there have been a variety of responses, ranging from additional lab costs to simply stating that “no one can see them back there, anyway”. However, I think these explanations warrant a closer look at the benefits of going Monolithic.

Solid Zirconium Crown and Implant Abutment

Solid zirconium crown and implant abutment.
Image Source: Ramsey Amin DDS via

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Survey Says: Patient Trends a Dentist Can Tap Into

Posted by on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

There was a time when someone with a toothache who didn’t have a regular dentist would pick up the Yellow Pages to find a new doctor. This Yellow Page I speak of was actually a printed tome with the numbers and addresses of every business in a given city. Imagine that?

Now, the search for a dentist begins with Google. However, that is proving to be too broad for some users. That’s why many potential patients are turning to a site like ZocDoc to find their next DDS. How many potential patients? Try 4 million every month. Not only are these patients finding a new dentist, they’re also instantly booking appointments. Thanks to all these searches and appointments booked, ZocDoc was able to discern patient trends, which can be highly insightful for your practice.

Favorite Times For Dentist Appointments

Dental patient trends and tips from ZocDoc.
Image Source:

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6 Qualities Patients Seek in New Dentists: Can You Measure Up?

Posted by on Monday, January 13th, 2014

At some point, almost everyone goes looking for a new dentist. This could be because of a move or when their trusted DDS retires. The lucrative opportunity persists for dentists to add to their patient roster every day. Are you in the best position to win favor from those prospective new patients? See if you can measure up with these qualities that patients look for in their dentists:

Be Certified:

Prospective patients might not recognize which are the best dental schools in the country. However, they will be familiar with organizations like the American Dental Association because the ADA seal might be on the products that they use. Your certifications should come from the state where you work and should be on proud display in your office. This is especially important if your practice is focused on a particular field like cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics.

Displaying Certifications

Put your education and certification on proud display.
Image Source:

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